Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, November 15, 2010

Every Kind of Adoption...

Makes me Cry with JOY!!! I don't Care how, who, or where my future children come from. I don't care if my kids "match" my skin color. I don't even think twice about ME anymore b/c it's NOT about ME!!! It's about the children. I cry for different reasons all the time but, today, i cried watching a movie about a couple who adopted 2 babies from Ethiopia. It tugged at my heart strings and I remember meeting my friend Shay's newest Addition from Ethiopia. Her one and only Son, in house full of girls! He was gorgeous and so sweet and when i got to meet him, he was so friendly but, you could tell He knew who his mommy was. I asked Shay about why she chose Ethiopia- she said something like" it just felt like where we were being led to find him".

I Often wonder if adoptive couples let themselves be LED in their adoption journeys anymore. I wonder the same thing for Birth Parents. I wonder if people are just going with the easiest, cheapest, or most beneficial to them route. Like it's ALL about them anyways. I know most of you are NOT that person. But, once and a while an uneducated adoptive person shows thier Knarley face and says things like : " I'd never choose inter-racial adoption. Adoption is hard enough as it is on a child" - to that i say: Bull Crap! And at the same time- Good- you shouldn't choose inter-racial- maybe you weren't cut out for it anyways. Only the Strong couples open the flood gates and let it all break loose in the chance that GOD will see thier hearts and GIVE them what they can handle- in respects to adoption! And in Life for that matter.

I guess my point is... Why have so many adoptive parents( out side of a faith) decided that God Has no part in such a Heavenly Process? How come Some don't think much of those who do? Like Faith based people are Nuts or something. That's Bull too! What happened that we stopped respecting each other's choices and freedoms and now feel the need to attack those who stand up for our founding values? It's Sad but, i DON'T cry for that- no. I cry b/c I KNOW WHAT'S TRUE- regardless of what others May think and Adoption is God's Sacred Trust in both the birth parents and the adoptive couples. Adoption brings people together in ways nothing else on this earth can do! And For that I'm most grateful and My gratitude sometimes comes out in the form of tears! I'm super blessed by my husband's birth mother, Jane, and by his Mother, Betty. I am over blessed by Brielle's Birth Mother, Kara, and her entire family- which is now our family too!
Every Kind of Adoption Makes me Cry b/c I know how much Love it Takes and am blessed by it daily! One day , we will be blessed by it again, hopefully!

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