Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In LV...

The girls go to go see Tangled with their (twice removed ) cousin Mairyn! It was a great flick and the girls got tangled cups that we bough at the Disney store the day be fore and a whole bunch of treats! Aria had a hard time towards the last part of the movie and i think i will wait a few more months to take her again. Brielle did fantastic!

Then (cue horror music) ... we went to Chuck E Cheese....

The girls LOVED it and i HATE this place with a passion. It's just not my cup o' tea. They didn't want to leave, either.
what a smirk on that mousey face. Grrr! I must admit though- i enjoyed watching the girls play games like whack-a shark and squirting the target. I personally like Skee Balls the best and have realized that i now SUCK at them!

Brielle liked the play area and the cage- thingy too! That too freaked me out. Not to mention the germs.

The girls had a fun day, all in all and i hate to say this but, we promised to take Brielle there the actual day of her birthday to play( not eat or have a party there- just can't do it)

So, you may see a few more pics of this wretched place. I am trying to keep this to a twice yearly thing!

The girls had a blast on Thanksgiving Day too! The park was breezy and chilly but do-able compared to CO weather!

Aria is such a HAM and we love it!
the girls got to try and hit the tennis balls too! It was not that fun for them. Maybe B can learn Tennis when she's 6. Her fifth year is looking too busy with everything else!

And of course we got a bit of playing time in. Brandon is Awesome and i Stink at it but want to improve for sure. I'm hoping to take a Tennis group class this summer in the early mornings. Should get me to where i can at least not freak out playing with Brandon!

It was a great trip and i am already missing everyone!

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