Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Infertility and Worry...

So, most of you who have lived through infertility and miscarriage, understand how those 2 words go together. It's almost like my brain won't let my heart comprehend that I'm actually pregnant.
I'm doing fine now, not so sick or anything but, mentally, it's still tough and exhausting. No matter how much I say " whatever happens, happens!" Or other things  like that- I sound negative.

After 5 miscarriages over my 10 years of marriage, how can i expect that "THIS ONE WILL MAKE IT" without a shadow of doubt or worry. I really would be lying if I acted as though everything is just fine all the time. I know that as the baby gets closer to term my chances increase to successfully have a baby who lives! Our old caseworker wouldn't even remove couples profiles who got pregnant till they reached the feasible state where a baby will most likely live! In his thoughts that's 28 weeks! I agree with that b/c I've had friends lose at all kinds of different timelines in their pregnancies!

My point is that Worry is natural for us infertility gals who are prego! It's normal and most of try not to let it consume our thoughts all the the time. And through prayer i have been able to have worry-free days too! And honestly, i'm sure i will worry until about 36 weeks! My likelihood is much higher after that to delivery a healthy baby! But, I won't freak out too much on all the what if's, i promise. I'm just gonna rock this belly and have a great summer and count each day as a blessing! That's all i can do- take one precious day at a time!

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