Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

oh boy... time to try and catch up

SO, this will take me a few weeks. I'm finally feeling better but, still get nauseated from time to time. Good news though, I heard a great heartbeat yesterday and on Saturday i will be 16 weeks. Still not out of the woods yet but praying each day- this one will make it!

So, we had a great trip to Nashville which i will talk about in another post...

This is G at the Carton Plantation!

And Gavin had his birthday and his Sealing to us as well! So, what that means is he is part of our family FOREVER now, not just on earth but, for eternity! It was so awesome and G made conversation with the pretty chandelier above his head in the sealing room. He was pleasant and chatty and it went smoothly!

We had both his birth parents here and their family members and there will also be a full post on this too! My mom was a huge help for the 2 weeks she was here and everyone was so helpful as i hung in there with my nausea. I was very sick and couldn't hold anything down the very next day after everyone left! It was awful.
But, all in all, we are doing great, getting back into the swing of things, finishing projects, gardening, shopping, puppy training ( we got a dog too), trying to just function normally some days and what ever else we can squeeze in like car shopping and getting back to the gym and swimming !  I guess life never slows down much!

As for Foster Care, the caseworker said we could wait till we are ready ( after baby) or do it whenever- there is no stipulation on pregnancy. I think we will have to wait, for sanity's sake, and I will need to figure how to function as a mother of 4, with 2 in school and 2 in diapers! As my late Grandpa Leonard would say... For Heaven's Sakes, Billy Jean!( his wife) but this time, enter my name in here! Yep, our life is crazy and we are just doing all we can! I am so grateful every single day that I get the luxury of staying home with my children.( thanks Brandon, my fab hubby) Till next time!. Adieu!

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