Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, May 8, 2010

mother's day

As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help but think about the Awesome Birth Moms and Moms in our lives!

I wouldn't have such a great man without Brandon's Birth mother. I wouldn't have such a fabulous spouse without his Mother, Betty! We wouldn't have Brielle, if it weren't for Kara and I wouldn't be a mom, if she hadn't placed her with us!
My mom taught me all she could about mothering and parenting and through the adoption experience with Brielle, She was taught about selfless love and the special love that all birth parents have for the children they place with families. I can only begin to think that what they feel has to be much like what God felt when he Gave Up his Only Begotten to the World to Save us from our sins through the Power of the Atonement!

On a lighter note: I just can't express how much we love Brielle's "Tummy Mommy"! Brielle loves asking everyone who their tummy mommy is and she looks at you kind of funny if yours is as old as a grandma! We have a while to explain the whole "having a Baby stuff", luckily! She generally knows that babies come from Heaven though:)!!!

Today we cleaned the front yard, got Direct TV installed, went to the park and played with the girls and did some grocery shopping! It was a great day so far! I am hoping to unpack all the bathrooms, if at all possible!
Anyways, back to mothers... I wrote a poem to my mom a long time ago and i wish i could find it right now but it is called My Greatest Teacher. That's what moms really are, overall. We teach about love, responsibility, civility, creativity, and all the other things. My goal as a mother is to teach my children by example that We LOVE Everyone! Everyone on this earth is a special person. I just can't emphasize enough how amazing all the mothers and birth mothers in the world are! We love you all and pray for you every night! I also pray that i can be a better mother everyday, b/c heaven knows , I'm not perfect!

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