Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Night...

before i slumped off to bed, i decide to check my facebook and i'm so glad i did too. I got to chat with Brielle's Birth father for the first time in 3.5 years!
He is doing good and working hard and learning everyday! He and i chatted for quite a while and He told me that HE KNEW that placing Brielle with Us, was RIGHT and he never has regretted his decision!
It was good to hear that from him and I hope and pray that any expectant parents who are thinking of placing a child will make sure that they have a confirmation by God that who they choose is right for them and their baby!
I am so overjoyed when i hear news of friends adoptions and births! I am never bitter that it hasn't happened for us yet, nor do i think that maybe we weren't good enough! I truly know that When we are chosen by someone, she and possibly he( as in our last situation) truly can say that they KNOW in their hearts and by a confirming witness that We will all be united as we share the joy of adding not just a baby but, a whole new family to our circle of LOVE.

Brielle's Birth Family, is an extension of our own family. Before we moved to CO, we had Holiday activities and birthdays and family dinners with them. The guys went bowling, played games and had BBQ's or potlucks together. We celebrated with them and we will always have such a deep bond of love for them forever! They didn't lose a child, they gained a Family when they placed Brielle with us! I also had the honor of being at Brielle's Birth mom's last birth of her son. It was amazing to be her support and watch her do something so incredible as bringing life into the world. I will never forget that. She is like a sister to me now. Our love for Her and her family and B's Birth father's family will always be there and we will be forever grateful!

It makes me wonder how our next Miracle will come to us. Will the birth parents be open and add another amazing dynamic to our family? I don't dare compare each experience b/c i know each will be so vastly different. I just pray that we will be lucky enough to have such a great relationship with them as we do with Brielle's Birth family and extended birth family!

We are all on this Earth together, as one big Family anyways, right?
We are all children of the same God and brothers and sisters of Christ!
It would just be our privilege and honor to raise one of God's children placed with us through His Grace and One Incredible Person!(maybe two:)

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