Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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Brandon Makes this sweet Wookie sound and has perfect pitch when he sings in Wookie! It's Hilarious!

We have been on TV a few times. I was featured in a Commercial for a Local Channel for winning 1,000 off a call in deal! We also did the HGTV show House Hunters. The next air date for our episode is March 1st 2010 at 7:30 e/p! I have LOST tons of weight since that aired. I'm 3 sizes smaller now! Here's the episode link in case you want to watch it!

We Have a PUG named MYLA! She's 4 and loves the girls and us and playing tug or going for walks and such. She conspires with Aria( our youngest) by waiting by her side at the table for a scrap. Aria Loves to Hug MYLA and sometimes gets rowdy with her and runs in circles chasing her around. They crack up the whole time!

Corrine has a business where she designs and sells Hair Bows and Clips, Jewelry and all kinds of things for babies and some for mommas! Here's her site www.ccbabyinc.blogspot.com and she employs 2 other moms and does photography too, as before mentioned! She used to make some Gorgeous wedding cakes. She has since stopped the cake business b/c it takes up her whole weekends and she would rather be with her kids and me!

Brandon goes bowling every Thursday Night! He's really good and usually wins. He owns his own ball and shoes and loves having his guys night out! He's also a LOUD player and sports watcher. It's so energetic, I love it!

We have family in these states: CA, NV, UT, ID, TX, TN, MI and a few others too! Our dream is to travel to every state in the US one day! Brandon wants a motor home but i prefer a hotel:) Let's see who wins that one!

Family Activities we do in the summer: Biking, Jet Skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, going to the Beach and ZOO in San Diego and an occasional theme park. I love swimming and especially in open water areas like lakes or the ocean. It's part of the next tid-bit.

This past summer/fall Corrine ran her first 10k run, her first Ragnar relay run and her first SPRINT Triathlon as well! It was so neat to watch her compete in the Tri, and we cheered her on at the end. It was this last Oct. and the Race was called the Pumpkinman!

I like to spook Brandon as much as possible.
I wait around corners and jump out and ROAR just for kicks and b/c He falls for it all the time- Sucker:)

Brandon is the Dad that all the kids want to be around. He always points out cute kids and funny things they say or do. He has such a HUGE heart for kids and babies! I'm such a lucky wife to have such a sweet and fun husband!

Corrine loves doing crafts and exercise with the girls! They jump on the tramp and she jogs with them in the Double Jogger. Brielle strings her wood beads while Mommy makes her real jewelry and Aria and Brielle love to paint, play with chalk or clay, and all the other styles of art! Corrine is making a collage of all the pictures the girls paint too!

well, That's it for now! More info to come later!

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