Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, May 22, 2010

taking a name off the list

On the sidebar of our blog , i have a few of our friends who are hoping to adopt! Well, Today we have to say Goodbye to the Kalvan and Miki Link!
They ADOPTED a baby GIRL today! I am so excited for them and i had the privilege of serving both their family and the birth mother! Both great people! Congrats on your new addition and Semi-Open adoption!

I didn't get to shoot her pictures as she's really far away from me now but, I did get to add some fun stuff with PS!

Today, we got to visit my friend, Camille and take her baby's pictures!!! She is so tiny and precious! Then we went to lunch and took naps and then went to this rad park with a creek in it. The girls were so excited, they ripped off the tags on their swimsuits and came downstairs begging us to go! Aria says " Tan we go to da QuEeK mommy?" I love toddler talk! We also learned about moss and that it's not scary but more like Carpet/grass for really wet places! They liked touching the moss and wading through the sandy creek bed! What a fun day! Now, if i could just get my legs more tan so, they stop blinding people when i wear shorts!...

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