Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aria's answer [ adoption parents [ waiting couple

So today We asked A & B what they would prefer to have a brother or a sister (mind you, they really have no clue what a brother would be like) Brielle said:" i want a baby sister, no, a baby Brother, as long as he doesn't take things from me!"
When we asked Aria what she wanted a boy or girl, she said "PINK, not blue, Pink!"

Now, if you have read even a snippet of our blog posts, you would know that we really would be so overjoyed with either boy or girl!
Call me crazy but, having another sweet and sassy girl would be another piece of heaven for both of us!( minus the whining and tatrums when they hit 2 years:)! On my girls wall i had the phrase : MORE SPICE THAN SUGAR! which is totally true for them. I even got it cut for their new room so, they will have it up again!

I would totally be enamored with a baby Boy as well. I would enjoy the differences and BOTH of us would like to see how different having a Son would be. I know Brandon would love to do all the COOL stuff good fathers do with their sons too! I am so blessed to have such a man as my husband! I know He is my Gift and He will be able to relate since he too was adopted as well.

Today we played at the park again and had a great time. B is off in LV for 2 days and we all miss him! The girls cry for daddy and after moving and unpacking and such, having him here will be so great. I miss my man!

At nights, i will be editing all the past clients i have to get done. Here's little Ava! She's a doll and after shooting her, i realized that i need some more tutus in a variety of colors. i am getting the itch to make or buy some new baby props!

***this picture is of Ava, a client of mine, not a baby that we have. we are still hoping and waiting to adopt. Please read the rest of our adoption blog and feel free to contact us at:
brandonandcorrine@gmail.com with and ?'s you might have.***

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