Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Awesome Art

I found this awesome artist on ETSY! She has such great and special messages in her artwork but keeps them so playful. Here's a few of my favorites...
This is an Adoption Piece which comes in Blue and Pink. I can't wait to have a reason to buy this for our next nursery!
This one is just so fun! DJ Birdies ROCK!
Brandon's parents and brother came into town today. We will have a fun filled week as we get ready for Aria's 3rd B-day and the Zoo and hiking etc...

Also, an AWESOME birth mother blog has been on my reading list lately! She is incredible and writes so well! Can't wait to post more pics and to write a bit more from our hearts. I have had some incredible feelings lately...

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