Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Putting Your Guts on the Table

I want to put some myths to rest about Adoptive Parents who already have a child, or two, adopted or biological. This is my opinion and maybe not everyone would agree but, I feel like i need to express these things- just to clear the air...

Just because we HAVE kids- Does Not Mean that we aren't aching just as terribly for a child as those without children. Because we already know what being a parent feels like and requires of us, we may ache even more b/c we know the difference. It stinks to have these gnawing feelings in your heart and in your mind that " Someone is Missing- your family is NOT complete yet!" The sense of urgency most of us have is undeniable! I feel this every single day! I see it in my husbands face. My kids ask us all the time when our baby will come. I explain that God has to prepare a place in someone's heart for US! (the right person.) And that when She knows, then we will have another miracle in our family. And we must be as patient as we can be, for now. And we must be willing to wait a bit!

And b/c we already have children or a child, we have been able to refine and polish our parenting skills and ability to love. Most semi-seasoned parents are more sensitive and have been through a myriad of trials and triumphs. Especially those of us who have had prior placements and have accepted our infertility. Because we already have an OPEN ADOPTION, we look forward to How Amazing and Special our future Birth Mother will be.

We Love Brielle's Tummy Mommy, Kara. We still keep in regular contact with her as often as possible. We hope to see her before school starts this year as well. Having moved 2 states away from her and her family, We are Totally BUMMED out b/c we LOVE and miss Her and all her incredible family! We are such great friends and we are truly FAMILY to them and them to US forever! Brielle's Birth Gma, even came to our Sealing and we cherish that memory!

We have been praying for All birth parents to find the families they are seeking, for all adoptive couples to find the birth parents, for each of those parties to do everything to spread the word so that by God's guiding Hands- Families can be United Through Love. That has been our prayer for the last 6 months.

NOW, we feel more of a Need to pray for Our BIRTH MOTHER and Her needs. We may not know her but, I feel she is searching for us, just as badly as we are seeking to find her. We are praying that She is Safe, surrounded by LOVING people who support her, for strength to put up with Stupid people who annoy her, and for all her needs to be met with Grace!

I know she is out there. I just can't express enough about HOW we care for this person we have never met. I can't wait to meet her someday! I'm sure she will be the most incredible person ever! Much like Brielle's Birth mom!

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