Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our type of Communication

Hey Readers and Everyone,

I just thought i should Lay It ALL out for everyone on how Brandon and I communicate.

We are a very outgoing couple and our parenting style is the same. We do not hesitate to say what we feel unless it would be hurtful. So, we are very Open, Outspoken and always Expressive. We are sometimes intimidating to others who are not as Open as ourselves. We say we LOVE our kids and tell them that more than 3 times a day. We talk openly about our friendships, relationships, desires, interests, wishes, goals, flaws and spirituality. We are both TYPE A personalities(with different strengths-thank heavens:). We Love to joke and play and wrestle and tickle or tackle with each other. Communication can also be called LOVE LANGUAGES.. We all have different LOVE languages (or ways we feel/communicate love)
Here they are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.

To be totally honest here's my top 2 languages (or ways i communicate and show love)
Quality Time and Acts of Service then Physical Touch, Words, then Gifts...

I Love to spend good amounts of time with my kids, family, friends and serve them by offering up my talents or abilities. I LOVE hugs and rarely need someone to tell me they are my friends. I know they are my friends by the first 2!!! That's how i feel loved and communicate. I honestly do not like people giving me gifts and am uncomfortable most often, unless it's truly heartfelt or something i really would like.
I do however love to GIVE gifts that are handmade or heartfelt or desired by the receiver!


Words Of Affirmation and Physical Touch switch first and second, then Quality Time, Acts of Service and Gifts are last. Though i love to give gifts to my girls!
I like hearing that Corrine thinks I'm doing well with our family, my career and income and i love her hugs and kisses and enjoy snuggling with my girls reading to them or watching a show. Right now Brielle and Aria love Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang! (Man, those old movies are a throwback to my childhood.)
Well, I hope this helps you, who is reading this, on how Corrine and i Communicate. I am so glad she is a Rockin' Blogger, Mom, wife and we can't wait to adopt again, when it's Right!
Thanks Babe, You are the Best too!
A Tad More...

We are the type of parents who are reasonable and sensible about letting our children experience age appropriate lessons and consequences. Love And Logic Principles are what we use in our home with our girls.

Being Outspoken and Outgoing has pros and cons but, overall
Outspoken people strive to have harmonious relationships and do not try and make others feel awkward if they are not the same. (Peoples own insecurities make them feel awkward or offended easily. Bummer for them)
We love being this way and having loads of fun and enthusiasm for life in all it's richness. We don't dwell on problems for too long or let bad habits stick around for long! We are both proactive and driven and have a Zest for life, every single day!

Thanks for reading about our adoption family, and have fun figuring out what Love Languages you speak!

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