Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Date Night!

So, this may sound silly to some people but, On our anniversary day we went on a double date with our friends and played Mini Golf! I hadn't played for a year or so since we lived in Henderson at King Putts. I enjoyed getting cool shots with my camera (of course) and being just slightly sharp on the side of Cheesy!
I love the effects of keeping your shutter open longer than normal. It makes this small waterfall look like something more spectacular!

And of course , B has to get some Credit for his Talladega Nights Shirt. (sorry if it offends some people) But that's how we roll! (and i bought it for him so, I'm to blame or thank!)

I was leading the pack of us four peeps the whole game except for the last 2 holes!

Then Brandon BEAT me. It didn't help that him and our friends were all making coughing/choking noises while i was trying to putt! Stinkers!

B only beat me by 2 so, i will win next time and it's all in fun. We are really not that competitive!

Then we went out to dinner at a biker bar and grill down by the Platte River! It was a fun atmosphere and reminded me of all the people in my family who ride Harley's- Mom, Carl(step dad) and Uncle Glen and Aunt Di! You guys are awesome and far from your typical bikers! The food was just okay but, we were having a blast and in great company!

Then we went for a walk in an outdoor mall and then to the movies to see Grown-Ups. It was very silly as all Adam Sandler movies are and it had a ton of realistic type parent settings and scenarios. I don't want my kids to grow up too fast and i LOVE parenting, even with all the trials that come with it!

All in all, it was fun date night and i can't wait to have some more dates with my hubby! He is the best! we plan on doing a bit of outdoor fun next week while the grandparents are in town. It will be nice to get away for a day doing whatever (possibly water park or white water rafting:)

Today was a super productive day too. I could go on nut in a nutshell we worked, shopped, ran errands,went to the gym, did some sewing, and were told that we have about 6 things we need to turn in before our adoption profile for LDSFS will be approved. They are all little things and i got 2 of them done today. Hopefully, we can hammer out these next few items so our ITSABOUTLOVE.ORG profile will go live sooner than later!

Kara, Brielle's Birthmom, says she thinks our next birth mother will choose us sooner than later. She is so optimistic about it but, i am really not concerned with how long it will take. I just want our baby and our birth mother to be the RIGHT one for our family! And God is really the only one who knows when that is and I'm okay with not knowing His every move for us! I have Faith that it will happen when it's meant to be!

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