Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adoption Story Part 2

So. After accepting that ALL THINGS can not be controlled by me or even willed the way i wanted them ( no matter how much i put into sending vibes and thoughts into the universe:), I came to that Ultimate Conclusion: God Knows what We Need, When we need it. I will do all i can to continually press on in the directions we are led.

So... We decided to finish that one last Foster Care Certification Class- CPR and First Aid. I had helped another couple in our agency see that FC wasn't so bad and that they would be such wonderful parents ( b/c they already are:) and they'd be able to give so much love to kids in need and eventually adopt one, 2 or more:) So, we conspired to do the CPR class and finish our process up.

April 7th came and we did our class and LOVED IT ( you really do remember the rhythm of stayin' alive :)! The next morning on April 8th, I called our case worker contact and later that day we went to the church building to help set up for the CO/WY Area FSA conference. We were all having a blast and getting busy when Kelly S. (adoption Super for LDSFS) Says " One of our couples got a birthmom contact today, the _____'s! " We were excited for them and it redoubled that heading to FC was the right choice b/c we'd probably have no chance at getting selected for a LOOOOONG time!

That night i get home and check my email accounts as usual and i notice that WE HAVE A BIRTHMOM CONTACT- NO FREAKIN' WAY! I was overjoyed at the possibilities, nervous and excited yet at peace ( not sure how that's possible :) I kept thinking- Why didn't Kelly tell me we had one? Brandon was just as floored as me. He thought of becoming a father again and really wanted to know what she was having but, we had to restrain ourselves just a bit. It was in fact- her first email to us!

The next morning on April 9th at the FSA CONFERENCE- i pulled Kelly aside and asked him why he didn't tell me that we too had a contact. He was shocked and said something like " You guys have one? I would have seen it in my email? Are you sure it was for you? Not that you aren't cool and all but, is it a legit one?"

Of course, i felt AWESOME at the assumption that Kelly was making " great, a scammer or a mis- directed email- go figure" I put on a happy face and loved the conference saying very little about it!...

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Tyler and Jeena said...

So excited for you! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story. He is a gorgeous baby.