Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, September 26, 2011

ABC...Advocating Ballet Class

So.... TODAY. I took my 2nd Ballet Class! Some of you may wonder WHY an old-ish lady decides to try to fit into a leotard and why on earth now?

Well, I can tell you- it's been on my mind for a while.

I have wanted to learn all about ballet and the ART of the dance- so, why not now, I'm not getting any younger and i can dance WITH my girls.( not the same class though) And I love the challenge and process I'm going through as i try and learn this new love!

Today, as we had our stretch, the teacher asked me about my baby BOY! ( i love telling his story but we didn't that have that much time so, i said yes, We Adopted almost 4 months ago... BINGO! That leads into the ADVOCACY part. I thought to myself ( sweet another op. to share my LOVE for adoption) BUT, before i could utter any thing else, Angie ( one of the students who is also a MOM) says: I'm Adopted! Where did you adopt through? Me: LDSFS! Angie: Cool, I spoke on panels with the Albequerque office a couple years back! Me: What? That's awesome!!!!
Then, Katie ( a young 20ish single gal) Pipes in: My mom placed her son, 29 years ago with a couple in England! And He met her and us a few years back!

Me: Wait- Your mom is a birth mother! Katie: Yeah and she has an open relationship with her Son and his family now!

The convos went on for the next few minutes and then on with our class! I was so STOKED that there were 3 adoption advocates in my class and i didn't even know it! I got their info and will hope to feature their stories sooner than later!

So, glad I'm taking THIS PARTICULAR BALLET class! Man, things don't just happen for any old reason! God puts people in our lives at certain times for certain reasons! LOVE IT!

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