Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gavin's Birth Father

I hate it when ALL birth fathers get a bad rap. Even though every adoption and birth parent situation is different- without BF's - OUR KIDS WOULDN'T BE HERE! And more & more, you see bf's supporting adoption plans and/or building relationships with the adoptive families!

It's no surprise to me that they'd want to have some involvement. If I was in their shoes, I'd want the same. Take a look at Baby Darling's Birth Father! Ben is a STUD! And we are all human with Natural, deep feelings! So, when we had the opportunity, granted by Jessica, to meet DUSTIN, we were thrilled & scared to explore it!

So, during the National FSA conference we went on our lunch break and ditched the Birth father panel to meet Gavin's own birth father in the Layton Mall!

Even though I had never met him, I automatically felt a motherly/sisterly love for this young man who had played a part in Gavin's existence. Though it be by accident to some- We all know God has His Hands in the details of our lives!

Dustin is a strong, tall guy who is about 6'2" and loves to fish, camp, ride quads, does construction and loves his family! Though Jessica and Dustin have NEW relationships and are not together- they both are kind, loving and fun people!

Gavin will benefit from knowing and loving both of HIS Birth families!

I'm not sure if that above sentence HURTS Brielle's Birth father's family! We haven't talked to them in a while. So, if you are reading this- please reach out- we are open and happy to reconnect with you guys!

A Child can never have too much love! And Boundaries are important to discuss when balancing multiple birth family relationships!( a later post topic)

Anywho, When Dustin told his parents that He was a Dad both had different reactions but what He expected them to have! Dustin's Mom and i got to chat last Monday and i was kind of nervous b/c sometimes GRANDPARENTS can be very feisty and upset at these situations! But, What i got was the Opposite... She said something like " I have been talking with my friend who is a grandma through adoption twice over and i just know that God knows what He is doing and Gavin is meant to be in your family. He is Right where He should be!"

WHAT A RELIEF! She is great woman and what a blessing that she will be a strength and a support to her son!

* this is our experience so, please no posts on negative birth father stuff but, we welcome and support you in linking YOUR birth father experiences from your sites/blogs:) We'd love to hear about them!


meridional said...

Hey thanks for the shout out!

Carl said...

How incredible it this. I am so grateful for kind and loving people in the world who understand that it is love and love alone that can heal all wounds.
thanks for sharing. Mom