Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gift Giving!

I have posted on this before and i wish to post on it again in a different light!

I found a perfect article that sums up my feelings about gift giving! If you read my last post about this. I told you that i really don't like gifts, getting things that are meaningless, or just random stuff. I like them to be thoughtful and heartfelt or something i really needed/wanted!

I've been gearing up for the holidays and on our last FSA CENTRAL meeting call i found this article by Henry B. Eyring and He gave it the year I was born. 1982( yeah, I'm almost 30!)

And I love what he says...
"Great gift-giving involves three things: you feel what the other feels; you give freely; and you count sacrifice a bargain."

I thought about that in the context of adoption. And about Expectant Parents who choose to place. As they are looking at so many profiles of couples hoping to adopt a baby. they FEEL for US. Adoptive Couples feel for what our birth parents may be going through as well. We worry, support and pray for you constantly. Birth parents Give Freely- expecting nothing in return. No car, No condo or trip to Fiji- They just want to see their child/ren happy, loved and successful in life! And they count their Sacrifice a Bargain. Why b/c they know what they are sacrificing is worth it for the sake of this tiny human being's existence! Adoptive Couples give freely their time, sleep and love to the children they adopt and they too count the giving up of their lives a sacrifice that truly is a bargain for what we get in return!

I love open adoption for many reasons and I am so touched by those who embrace it with no hesitations( barring some limitations due to lifestyles). I know that God's Love is unconditional, as we should be with our love to others and our birth parents! We should give our love, our gifts and of ourselves freely with no expectations just as Christ, Our Savior , did for each one of Us!

*image of Russ & Kylee with Son Caden, Newly adopted Son, Chase and his Birth parents!

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