Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Flash Back

to the first two days with Gavin....

Such a Tiny lil' Man!

Boys were exhausted from traveling and late nights!

Gorgeous Jessica, Gavin's First momma!

One Adopted Child kissing another adopted child! BLISS!
Love knows no Bounds!

Getting the idea of being a Big Sister now!

Gav's Aunt and her family- YES, this is where his RED comes from!

Grandpa MAX, Gavin's Birth grandpa!

Jessica and Brielle getting some Quality coloring and bonding in!

I love this head shot! It signifies the arms and life that Brought Gavin into this world before he was brought into ours! WE LOVE Our Birth Family and are so honored to have adopted again!

We often wonder what the future Holds and How long before the Lord brings another child into our family! We are in no rush at all but, we know our family is not complete yet. That may sound odd to some but, what lies in your heart and in your soul about your family, is individual and sacred to each couple. We will act upon our inspiration and follow the Plan God has For our Family, Even if It means ENDURING things unexpected or difficult. We are on the Roller Coaster and are hanging on for the ride and making the Best of every turn and bump and loving every minute of it! Adoption is such a joy and such a Heaven guided process ( in almost every instance!)!
love you all!

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