Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Happen Everyday!
So, Adoption is threaded through my everyday LIFE. Not just b/c i have children who are adopted and a husband who is adopted or cousins and friends who are birth parents, But because I just seem to run into everyone who is associated with Adoption. Take the last TWO.5 weeks....

I was driving back from getting waxed and i stopped by this ladies house who was standing by some head and end boards in fabulous shape. I asked her if she was selling them, She said she was giving them away. Turns out 6 of her 7 kids are adopted!!! She got all the parts and such and later that day we got a Gorgeous Bunkbed for the girls for 0.00! Thanks a bunch, Margaret! pics to come soon- my phone won't email properly- grrr

In the store , the Checker is a birthmom and the lady in front of me is a Foster adopt mom with 3 adopted kids and one hopeful, underweight 2 year old she is helping get better.

The awesome Lady, Karel, who sewed up the quilt I designed for Gavin, is adopted!

A birthmom Friend, Jessalynn S. forwarded my info onto a person coming to CO to adopt a baby girl and we( michelle and I) are friends now. She has been visiting here with me and my fam till ICPC clears them to go back home! Here is precious pic of Abigail( yes ,she is sporting my swag!)
and Did i mention Michelle is adopted!

And This Friday, I will be speaking at Highlands Ranch HS about Adoption! I look forward to talking with Students and this is WHAT I LOVE DOING!

So many more posts to come! Rock on all you fabulous adoption Peeps!

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Bumber's Bumblings said...

I love how adoption pops up so much in my world too!