Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Visit With Dustin and Tammy

I'm going to be a little lagging in posts for a week or so b/c i have to finish all my clients work but, have no worries. Things are GOOD here! So, Here's some pics of our visit with Gavin's Birth father and Birth grandma, Tammy!

Tammy had to Spoil the girls and get fun cookies to decorate and pumpkins to carry their Halloween Candy in! She is such a Sweet lady and we are so grateful for her enthusiasm and desire to be a part of our fun and crazy family!

Brielle was very meticulous too!
We played at the park on a couple occasions and enjoyed getting to know one another.

The girls love Dustin and He learned how to handle Tiny Girls who like to crawl or rough house with anyone who will let them!

Aria was sort of confused at first when we told her that Dustin and Tammy were coming b/c she thought it was Tami, Jessica's Step mom( lovingly called Grandma Tami). So, Aria asked her this: " Can i call you Grandma Tammy too?" She was sweet and obliged! So, we now have 2 Grandma Tammys!

They were so sweet and Tammy took me and the girls to Red Lobster for lunch the day they had to leave. Now the girls ask to go there every week! I was able to squeeze in a few more pics before they had to leave.

Tammy is sweet, generous, and such a loving woman with a heart of Gold. Dustin is like a little brother and friend, funny,serious and has a huge heart. He is a great guy!

We are all blessed by Open Adoption Relationships!

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