Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, August 14, 2015

RIP Max Hall- Grandpa!

Yesterday,we lost a huge part of our hearts! It is hitting me extra hard b/c we just saw him on Monday! We stopped by for a short visit to see him and Tammy and whoever was roaming around. The kids
helped him feed the goats and collect chicken eggs and the whole time my phone was saying" full" so I was trying to delete things to get space on my phone to take pics but, I didn't do it in time. So, we just talked and visited instead of me worrying about it. I can't change the fact that I didn't capture the moment but, I can tell you and share with you many of our special moments...

We met Max the day we met Jessica! She was pregnant with "puma" as she called him and we were in his house before he was home. So, he entered his home with a couple of strangers and their 2 girls just hanging out! I am not sure what He thought of us at that moment but, we spent the rest of the evening, just chatting with everyone and checking out the cats, dogs and bunnies.Max may say its the kids that love them, but, He has always had a special place in his heart for animals! He made us feel at ease and part of the family right away, no hesitation. He was like that- very himself all the time I knew him.

We roasted marshmallows and talked about life for those two days and ended on the third day doing dinner together. He and Tammy let me take over and make Lasagna for them! We took pics of Jessica and her gorgeous baby bump! Before we left, He hugged us and thanked us for being us and we parted until four weeks later...

Gav at 6 months at Christmas time
We got the call in the early AM and headed to UT for Gavin's birth. He was doing okay but, was an emotional wreck! Over the next couple of days and placement, we saw more to him than his tough and fun exterior. He wept and prayed over Gavin at placement. God knew that prayer was extremely Hard for him and He again Thanked us and I'm sure wondered if we would ever see him again ( there are horror stories of people doing that) But, only a few short months later- We stopped in around Christmas on our way to my moms place. He and his family welcomed us with open arms. I knew of no inner turmoil or trials He might have had and it's not my job to analyze anyone anyways, just to love them! We exchanged gifts and ate and laughed together. We stayed with them and became a true part of the family.

Over the years we had bbq's and parties and sweet reunions , bowling and kids running around and we made timeto visit even when Jess has been overseas!

We would always make it a point to stop in and let Gavin and the kids get to know this man, his family and all the love they have to share!

eating apricots from the orchard
Max loves kids, loves the outdoors, and will tell it to you straight! He wasn't one to sugar coat it very often! He told us of his past and how He was dealing with things in life and He is a loveable man who is open to a fault! I admired his courage to talk about his struggles and be REAL with me and everyone, unafraid of  the Judgment of Others. He knows that God Knows him and his heart and I Know that He is going to be an angel for Gavin , specifically! Gavin will need that extra help from a Man who knows what Fiery red heads are like and how Strength isn't always on the outside but, in. Gavin will have us to rear and guide him and Max to watch Over him now!

We have lost Brandon's father, my grandma and now Max. It's been a long couple of years but, God is Good and has a greater plan for us all.

I am grateful we will get to reunite with Jess and for all the many contributors to her flight home. It was very expensive and we were happy to help too!

She gave Gavin a Father when she chose Us! The least we could do was Give her the chance to say her farewells to her Father now. This reunion will be bittersweet for us all. I am beyond grateful that Max loved us and we had the chance these last four years to know an love Him too!


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