Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Visit with Kara!

Can't believe We were so lucky to have her up here to visit with Brielle and our whole family! Her little man, Jr., came too. He was able to experience what it would be like to have 4 siblings!!! He had a blast too!

Kara came up the day before the Birth parent retreat and we spent the day just catching up a bit! She is a special part of our family and we all just fit together like we have never been apart. When we are together, we cook and clean and play and nothing is awkward, its just natural and feels like home when we are together. We snuggle on ALL the kids and when we left to the retreat, Brandon surprised all our kids + jr. and took the to see Minions movie and out to panda! He was Brave but, they had a great time and He is a Super Dad, so it's not too shocking! He also took them to a furniture store- now that is even more impressive!

After the retreat, we spent some time playing on Evergreen lake,
Us ladies!
Navigator Slade

 Swimming FUN!

Brielle and her half bio bro- Jr.


...and Brielle got to have a her Birth mom and birth daughter date! I watched Jr. and the rest of the kiddos and the gals went to Heritage Square
K gets pretty sick on twisty rides so, some of them B just went on by herself!

 and played around, went to Olive Garden too!

Brielle LOVES Italian food and so does Kara! 
Kara said the waitress Got an earful when Brielle said " This is my birth mom and we are on our date!" at first the waitress looked confused like Kara had kidnapped Brielle but, Kara explained everything and the lady was so touched! She comped half the bill! It was so sweet!!!

I am so grateful Kara takes the time and effort to make Brielle's relationship with her so, special! Open Adoption is so freaking amazing, when all parties are having the same goal of love and unity!


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