Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Wedding- Dustin and Sarah

We had the honor of not just attending the wedding but, of being part of it! In open adoption, we have become each others' family in the most beautiful way! I really believe this is divine- us all meeting and becoming a pretty awesome family through adoptions.

The boys were the Ring bearers and the girls the flower girls! They all did wonderful and it was fun to watch the boys start off with a good slow walk, then see Josh pull out the candy sticks, watch
Slade start running and Gavin trying to hold him back!

Both girls were a bit nervous but did
fantastic and the ceremony was fun and beautiful. All of Sarah's family were so great to meet and I was able to even meet a few cousins who flew in from the east. I didn't realize that she only has a couple cousins b/c you just figure we have like 30 + cousins, right?

Dustin looked dapper and Sarah looked like an angel/ fairy/ bride. Her hair was whimsical with the baby's breath in it and the gorgeous curls! She is beautiful inside and out. I'm so happy she is part of our lives and Dustin sure picked a wonderful woman! She is a strong woman who teaches special needs children and puts her everything into her passion! She makes Dustin a better man and He makes her a better woman too!

The reception was so fun and full of great food and drink and lots of conversations with people I didn't know. But, most were very accepting and open of us. I even overheard Tammy telling her relatives our adoption story from her point of view! The sweet old lady chatted with me afterwards and piped in how she thought is was great how we "let them see Gavin" and how we adopted the whole family! I kind of cringe when people say some thing sin a context like we are doing the birth parents this huge favor by visiting with them or being involved b/c I am Honored when the birth parents do want to be involved and don't see this as a Control issue. I mean, Why wouldn't we want to be around great people who love our kids and us?

I remembered back on Brielle being a toddler and being a flower girl for Kara's wedding long ago. It was adorable and she almost didn't make it down (due to stage fright) the aisle as opposed to the boys who RAN down this one!

We all danced until the boys and Brielle were pooped then , Just Aria and I boogied for a few more hours. It was so much fun and I'm so glad this sweet Boy has brought us together. Open Adoption is seriously amazing!



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