Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, August 28, 2015

Spoiler Alert!

It's so funny how, in passing Brandon will say things like- This next baby's room is going to be Ridiculously awesome and beautiful! Or we will bring up what ART we want in it!  They may seem like small things but, it's some small details that are meaningful to us. Each of our kids' bedroom has had pictures of birth parents in them. It's to remind us how important each kiddo is, not just to us, but to our baby's or children's birth parents and family.

There are so many secret desires that I have or that I hope for. They might seem silly but, to me, I think they will be bonding as well. Like how I hope the expectant mom of this baby girl, wants to design the room with me, even if we have to do it online! Or I hope she is cool with helping pick the middle name out  together. I hope she likes LOTS of kids who will want to climb all over her, embrace her and surround her with cute chaos , when she visits!  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, some may say but, I think the small stuff can also be some of the most important. Like tucking your kids in at night, having special dates with each kiddo. Sharing dreams and goals and fears together. Making art together, bouncing on the trampoline with sprinklers with the kiddos and not even thinking about the laundry pile that needs folding!  Some people get so caught up in keeping a perfect image/ household that they miss out on sweet moments on a daily basis!  You can't get this time back, ever. So, I will hire a house cleaner and spend less time on things that don't really matter or things that SUCK your time away- and MORE TIME on Relationships and sweet small things that matter to our Sweet and Small Ones!

And you know- This future lil' one will be So Spoiled with LOVE, Attention, and lots of girly panache! I bet her feet will not hit the floor for a solid year b/c everyone will want to hold her all the time! Well, you know what I mean:) I pray her birth parents will want to be around or that they can visit when possible at least. Open Adoption is so Amazing. I can't say it enough! God Bless!

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