Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh So Awesome Father!

We are so excited to celebrate Father's Day!

WHY? B/c we have the best daddy ever!
He IS our Knight in shining Armour, the Tickle Monster, and our Hero! . He's the one who is teaching us that there are still great men in the world- just like Him. He Loves us and takes care of us, plays with us and teaches us to be good daughters and people!

If it wasn't for his Birth Mother placing him for adoption 31 years ago- He wouldn't be OURS!
We are So grateful for Her and for his Mother, Betty! Without these 2 women, He wouldn't be such a fun, driven, loving, caring, silly, playful, motivating, and kind Daddy to us. Him and Mommy make a great team and He and her are so in love and kiss way too much around us!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! We hope that you always know every day how much we LOVE and appreciate what you do for us and Mommy!

I asked Brielle and Aria a few ?'s

Q: What is daddy's favorite thing to eat?

B: Chocolate Bars
A: ice cream

Q:What is daddy's fav. thing to do with you?

B: go to the park with me
A: throw me on the bean bag!

Q: Why do you love your daddy so much?

B: Because He's Sweet
A: Bee-tuz

Q: What is your fav. memory with Daddy?

B:I liked playing rough house with him
A: playing tickle monsters and singing Bear Necessities of Life!