Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I Like this crib if it's a BOY:

I imagine I'll do some Rad looking Semi-old School Vintage Retro/Modern/Surfer/Board rider decor.
I'm also considering a BLACK crib which, is growing on me more and more each day. I love the combo of black lime, white, and hints of deep orange and dark aqua. I don't want the baby's room to look like a mortuary:)

For the Girls' crib, i have this gorgeous white crib by Bonavita that has carved floral details and perfect feminine curves. I LOVE this crib, am so glad that i got it with Aria but, i think i will do her new bedding in black, white, hot pink, lime and Aqua.

I will incorporate a few pops of other colors in the jewel tones as well! I LOVE DESIGN(if you couldn't tell) Both of my girls had their own bedding and i can keep that going with the next! And I'm really picky so, i may have to custom make it! We will see!

With all that said... I still want to be surprised if at all possible. If I'm not surprised on the gender, that's okay too, it's really not a big deal. We will be surprised enough when an amazing woman chooses to place with us! Hopefully someday soon.