Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Sunday, June 20, 2010

things that freak me out...

For all honesty's sake, I'm going to be REAL and tell you some things that make me shutter in fear or disgust... (may not be suitable for children to view)

FIRST: Pageant Moms and Daughters: Note to you people: Your child IS not a trophy piece- please love them without all the make-up and hairspray. They are precious the way GOD made them. No extras needed- ps. when your child stops doing pageants are you going to love her less or be less involved? Poor girls:(
second: Facial Tattooing- UGH frightens me

BALUT: half grown duck inside the egg, fermented in the ground for days then eaten as a treat or on rice in the Philippines- gag me! (ps. Brandon tried this on his mission)

Extreme Dog Groomers and their stylists- It's cool but, still wigs me out a tad!
any hairless breed of cats or dogs- can't do it, peeps
more: being trapped in a car and sinking slowly, MLM lovers, bees, too many ice cubes in my drink ( i know a little odd quirk- 3 is just fine) public restrooms, carni workers on occasion,
those cop shows where you see awful drunks beating on their wife or kids, and Medical shows where they do lots of surgery. I can't stand the blood but am so grateful for doctors!

Just keeping it real. I will have to get B to do this!

now, you know!

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