Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Re- Cap

It wasn't quite green enough to shoot the outdoor pics yet so, i will get them sooner than later but, here's a recap of Easter in our home!

The Girls had a blast hunting for eggs INSIDE the house this year ( it got yucky outside)
and they loved the toys and big treats( not pictured b/c they are strewn all throughout the house)they got this year! I regret the sticker books as they ended up all over the lamps and wood floors and we are still peeling them off!

The girls were all about the CANDY anyway!

And OF course, since they attend Christian School and we go to church- they Knew Easter is about Jesus and HIS Resurrection!
I enjoyed Our Church that day and the girls were quite pleasant in Sacrament Meeting too. Aria was very cuddly and amused with the few eggs we let her bring with her.

I enjoyed making there HUGE BOWS and hunting for their dresses and sweaters this year too. It seems finding a Good dress these days can be rather hard. Most are of poor quality or have funny coloring- and if anyone of you know me- I DETEST dresses with peter pan collars, smocking and pretty much anything that could be duped as old school or looks like FLDS children would be wearing them! Just awful to me. Sorry guys who enjoy the " Classic" looks. Can't do it! But, to each our own and I don't care if other kids are dressed that way!

Anywho- now off the tangent! We enjoyed a nice Easter Dinner and lots of cuddle time with our girls that day after church and we are so grateful for Our Savior and His Plan for Families to be Forever!
I am so blessed to have the husband i do b/c of his Birthmom making the ultimate choice. I'm blessed to have Brielle as our first Miracle and her whole Birth family and her amazing birth mom in our lives. I'm so grateful for Aria and her decision to come through my body. It has enhanced the feelings i have for Kara and all birth moms and i know that each child makes me a better mother ( on most days:). I am positive we will adopt again and i already love the Birth mother that has yet to join our family. I know each Child is a Gift and blessing to This Earth and to Families who are ready to love and cherish them. As Christ Made The Ultimate Sacrifice- in many ways, Birthmoms too make an ultimate sacrifice so that they might see their child LIVE! And not just survive- But LIVE a Happy, Rich and full life of love and comfort.
Thank you, Birth moms! And Thanks to Our Savior Jesus Christ- May we all show our thanks by the way we live each and Every day!

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