Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Girls

Have been so cute lately! Not that they aren't cute everyday but, yesterday on the way to the park, Brielle says to Aria: God loves everyone, Aria! A: Not if you are a mean guy! B: Yes, He loves everyone- Even if you are mean and stinky! ME: what is the difference how Heavenly Father rewards us though, girls? B: Um... We Get things that are good and we don't go to time out!
A: We get to go to the park if we clean up. Me: God rewards those with Blessings who obey and live His commandments! Just like i reward you with something Fun if you obey what i ask of You!

They have been sharing a lot lately and are besties! It's way more than cute! They love to bike around the block too and yesterday- we got a tab burned! We will live though!

My train of thought and the Girls convo leads me to this: God rewards/ blesses those who live his commandments- even in the adoption world! Does that mean b/c you have to be perfect to adopt? NO. But, you may want to work on what's holding you back from becoming your best self!
Does it mean if you are already Righteous that you deserve to be blessed IMMEDIATELY?
NO. Heavenly Father works on His time and there is a Refining of Souls that takes place during your wait for adoption. God is not an Instant Gratification Fullfiller. He is NOT a GEENIE and he does not BARGAIN Either. The more willing we are to look inside ourselves and correct those thoughts or actions and feelings- the Easier our Wait will be! And We will have a greater amount of JOY when the time does come!

Some things you might not know you need to correct are:

Inability to DEAL with other people getting a placement when you want it so bad
Grieving the loss of your fertility
Willingness to OPEN your hearts to different races and situations
Anger at people who don't understand Adoption or your situation
Bargaining With God to have your child come faster and actually thinking it will work
( rarely does)
Inability to FUNCTION like a normal person b/c NO ONE KNOWS what I'm GOING THROUGH!
Willingness to work through your grief when it seems easier to hold it inside you- rationalizing
Over Compensating in other areas to MASK real true feelings

I hope and pray that if any of these seem like your reality- seek to figure them out, through study and prayer and possibly counseling- YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER b/c you did!
We LOVE all the people in this world involved in adoption somehow! Good Luck and God Speed!

*pics: The Day they got their new glasses with BLING on the sides!

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