Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adoption Twinning

I.E. Artificial Twinning....
Yep, I read an article on this a while back...HERE

And As for me, I've never been one to SEEK out having twins an any fashion. My sister has twin boys, who are 4 yrs old now, and i think how hard it was/is for her. BUT, I also think HOW AWESOME to have a built in playmate and best bud! I also know that the first year will be tough but, who cares- it's a few years and LOVE is forever. So, I'd get a few extra bags under my eyes or a few wrinkles will deepen. So, will the parts of our heart- have a deeper love!

Every child deserves a loving father and mother- 2 parents that can serve, live and love them in a comfortable home. Parents should never resent a child, feel obligated or like they made a mistake by either adopting or getting pregnant. A child is NOT a toy, a meal ticket, a write-off, a burden, a bargaining piece in someone's messed up relationship and so forth. Children are precious however and whenever they come into your family! So, Would I be up for 2 and do the adoption twinning thing?...

If God Grants it to be so and we have the finances and space- absolutely! Call me crazy, maybe?

But, Having regular twins is hard and having adoption twins is hard- either way- having 2 is just not the same as having 1! When windows seem to open up for couples to adopt twins, 2 from overseas, or 2 domestically that are close in age- DO IT if it's Right For You!

As Adults we know our limits, our capacity to love and our ability to serve our kids and husbands. But we forget that God Knows us Better than we Know ourselves! He knows what we can handle and He knows what GOOD will come out of not the easiest of situations!

With Foster care and Blended Families there is a lot of "false twins". And I think as long as parents have their heads screwed on straight- things will be fine! It's not like having Twins is a new thing in this world, anyway!

And I give high Kudos to ALL parents of twins and multiples in however fashion they come into your families!

Now, Adoptive Parents & Birth Parents- I'd love to here YOUR comments on this topic. What do you think of Adoption/ Artificial Twinning? Birthmoms- did you or would you place with someone who has baby close in age to your due date? How do you feel about couples who adopt more than once in 8 months?

*Pics are of Adopted babies- unrelated and NOT adoption twins or our babies- just FYI!


Ina said...

Back when I was choosing a family 13 years ago, having at least 1 sibling was our one must. Proximity in age was also important too. We were handed one profile of a couple who had a 10 year old and that seemed to defeat the purpose of our sibling requirement. However when I think back to when I was 18 and choosing a family, I might have been weary of my baby not being the ONLY baby. Now as a mom and having 2 of my girls just 16 months apart, it's fabulous!!!! They are soooo close and share so much. There might be a couple drawbacks like some jealousy but the pros far outweigh the cons. To be able to go through life with someone who's always been there, gets you completely, and has shared the same experiences as you .... is priceless. It's an unbelievable gift to give your child a loving family but to be able to give them that type of forever BFF that so few ever get to experience, would be the cherry on top!

Tamara ViAnn said...

I don't have any problem with it per say but I also believe agencies should take some action to make sure that this only happens under the most unique, unnusual of circumstances.

However, in the instance of international adoption I do believe that there should be a minimum of 1 year between children at best. There are a lot more complexities with the needs of these children and I think it does a disservice to them to introduce another child into the family before they have bonded with their family.

Other than that, for the adoptive couple standpoint it's a good problem to have!