Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Busy...

We have about 4 school days left of preschool before the REAL SUMMER begins and boy are we busy! It's going to be a summer where we stick around CO, for the most part! We are looking forward to spending long days at the pool, water parks, parks, riding bikes, hopefully some ballet classes for all of us girls, hiking, fishing, camping and
possibly a small getaway for Brandon & I for our 9 year anniversary!

Brielle is a Fish and Aria is a Mermaid!
And ARIA will turn 4 on July, 24th!!! I can't believe it!

I'm actually excited about her growing up a bit- it's bittersweet but, so enjoyable! She's a Crack -UP!

Brielle drew the Mermaid pic above and She wants to help plan Aria's Mermaid Birthday Party this year! She LOVES pools and we will probably have a party in the same fashion as we do every year since it's so hot! Last year though- we swam before her party- then she had a Fairy Princess Party! It was awesome!

Today... Brielle recounted to me the story of Baby Moses! I just sat in the car, as i drove, and listened to her talk about how Moses's birthmom and how she loved Him so much she made a basket from the pussywillows and floated him to the kings daughter's home in the river, so He didn't have to die. And Moses's New mom raised Him as her own and loved him and when he got older He became Big Big Boy and.... the rest she hasn't figured out yet.

It got me all choked up b/c i could see on her face how excited she was that Moses had a birth mom!!! She remembered as much as a 5 year old could and possibly more! It was awesome!

I recently saw an adoption onesie on Etsy and it said: SUPERMAN IS ADOPTED.

True THAT! He may be fictional but, HE was adopted by a cool family!

Man, Adoption really does ROCK our world! Can't wait for it to happen again! I know God is in the details of all of this and He is also in the great plan for our families to come together!

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