Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, May 27, 2011

More Thanks & Congrats!

SO... They actually had a walking ceremony and It was adorable and emotional.( My camera battery died so, this is what i got with my phone cam) They filmed them walking through the halls out of their classroom doors and into the line ups. All the parents got to see it on the Big Screen as we anticipated the kids arrival into the Main Room. I started Bawling when Brielle came on the screen. Maybe I'm emo, maybe I'm just a parent but, Man, I'm so blessed b/c of a Birthmom named Kara!

In the ceremony the kids sang 3 songs and this was one of them!

It hit me hard and even though i was smiling through tears, i kept thinking about the Kids who will never know all of the above. I thought about kids raised by single parents, kids in poverty, kids in foster care, kids who've been used and abused for selfish adult reasons. It pains me greatly to know that some kids will never have what my girls have: A Mother & Father, who surround them with love and comfort, giving them every opportunity to succeed in life, teaching them about God's love for them and Hopes for a Bright Future.

And I know that Birth Parents choose adoption b/c they KNOW this is what they want for their child/ren!

Although my girls are done with pictures and wanting cake, They are happy and sweet little ladies, who are growing much too fast for my liking!

Aria is still waiting for her CAKE and Brielle is being the Best Big Sister in the World! She told Aria all about her graduation and how she gets to do this next year ( we shall see- she has a late birthday)

They finally get the cake!

I'm so honored to have adopted and be married to my husband who is adopted! I LOVE OUR BIRTHMOM and all BIRTHMOMS! You are all freakin' incredible and without you we are less than what we are with you! Thanks is never enough and i know that by raising and loving our kids everyday- we are showing our gratitude and love for YOU. I love what Kara said shortly after placement:
" You are the Gift I chose to Give My Baby"

Thank You and Congrats to all Graduates!

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