Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a little slice of heaven

Without bragging too much- Lets just say we got to enjoy a beautiful cabin up in the woods for a couple days last week as we celebrated Aria's 6th Bday!

Aria and Brielle loved playing by the river and finding all the COOL stuff around the cabin and property- they found hidden doors, keys in stumps, little critters, neat carvings in the wood details o the house and outside and a fish and crawdad too!
 The first day of fishing Brielle caught a lil' guy and the second day- Aria decided to dangle a worm in the water off the ledge and caught a crawdad. He was a meaty looking one too!
Her birthday was a success and so much fun ( pics on that to come)! Thanks everyone who made it so and thanks to Gma Betty for ALL your help!
This is the gorgeous view of the mountains and valley and river we had right out our window and from the campfire area! we truly enjoyed this retreat and will come back again!

I'm so happy our summer had been a blast and we have 2.5 weeks left ( can't believe it's almost over)
Its bittersweet for sure! Things to look forward to that i will post on and have guest posts on:

Our kids summer wrap up

Birth Families and Bio Families- 
where to share and when to draw the line

What a birth mom is looking for

Helping in your community

Seeking instead of waiting

Foster care's pros and cons

Success in the FC System

and so much more.

Hope you are all having a very fun summer!

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