Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Being a mom of boys if FAR more exhausting than it has been when my girls were small. Let's be real here for a moment and compare...

Girls only once touched their own poo.
Gman- has taken off his own diaper more than i can count on all appendages and played in his feces!

Girls hardly ate their foods or finished everything on their plates
GMan- CANNOT eat enough. He could finish 2-3 servings, if i let him.

Girls want to Dance around things and hop from here and there
Gman- Bulldozes into you and anything he can!

The differences are astounding and it has nothing to do with wether my kids come from my body or their birth momma's tummy. Boys are rough and tough and
yet they are cuddly mommas boys. Im so in LOVE with my big boys and so happy to be their momma!
Gavin is amazed and so animated about everything wether its a airplane or a bug flying around!
  He can jump and gallop and kiss and hug just about anyone.

Slade is rolling around, starting to get up and push forward almost an army crawl and he says " mamma " He grabs everything and it all goes in his mouth. He smiles and giggles but is mainly a clingy love bug. He sucks his two fingers and toes! Its my favorite!

I just hope and pray and try every day to be the best Mom to my Little Dudes!

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