Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Birth Families- an extension of LOVE!!!

So , its been 7.5 years since our first open adoption and here's where we stand with everyone.( at least from my vantage point)...

Brielle's Birth mom, Kara, has a full open adoption relationship- we visit when we can ( she is two states away) . Her parents and siblings and grandparents all keep in touch. We all visit when we can which is at least once a year but we shoot for more. we last saw her and the family in June! We love and miss them and are sad they are so far away but that's life! We have our birth families stay in our home when they visit and we stay with them when the opportunity arises. ANd we look forward to planning a vacation together next couple of years!

Brielle's Birth dad- Kyle is still keeping his distance and still keeping his eye on us through FB and this blog but, that's all he can do right now and we respect that. His parents want more communication but we need to figure this all out again- its been 7 years since we have seen them. they are sweet and we are excited to see what unfolds- his family just moved back to LV so now both Birth families are there
( of B's). Now that she is older- we have to take her feelings in consideration with all of this.

Brielle reads her Placement /Sealing Day card that Kara wrote her often and she loves it. Its a special card just to her and when she read it the other day- i just lost it! I'm a huge baby when it comes to EMO stuff!

Gavin's Birth families....

Jessica ( his tummy momma) is still in contact with us and we text and FB here and there and chat on the phone whenever possible. We miss her- we haven't seen her since last July. It's kinda sad-its been a year. We totally want her to come visit but understand that she has a new life- working, friends, dating and fun and we are so glad she can have all those things and experiences. She is amazing ( and still gorgeous)!!! I hope she always knows how much we love her and WANT her to be around whenever she can. We see her family around her whenever we travel through UT and can't wait for the day again! They are all great peeps!

Dustin, Gmans Birth father- is growing up like crazy.
He bought a house, is working hard and dating a sweet lady we really like! They may end up hitched but who knows! He just saw us in early June! We visit with his Brother, Mom and dad and have met his siblings and extended family as well. they too are fabulous people!!! We stay with Gma Tammy when we go to UT mostly! ( btw-we call ALL our grandparents, grandpa and grandma, which makes our kids look like they have about 7 sets of grand folks!- hey you can never have too much love).

All in all- we LOVE our birth families- I'm trying my best to be a good communicator but Alas, I'm flawed so, If i've ever offended or not communicated properly- Im very sorry.

We Value these relationships and know that this WORKS FOR US- though it may not work for others!

We have no idea at this moment when we adopt again.
BUT- we know we will one day- just not for at least....

three years or more!
We think about foster care ( since we did all that training) and overseas adoption as well.
I'm content right now with my 2 in diapers and 2 in full day school this fall.
We love our crazy life and are so glad it's been made this way. We are a HYBRID family in the adoption spectrum
and our parents may have to SHARE our kids with many grandparents but, that's just how it is- We wouldn't have our special kids with out our birth families and we celebrate them and really have adopted their entire families!~~~~

PS.  sweet & funny bits...
 Brielle- wrote her letter to Santa early this year it reads
" Dear Santa, i don't wont enything this year- i just want everywon on erth to have fun!"

Aria- still- once in a while asks who her birth family is (silly girl) and can often be heard around the house saying : fire in the hole!

Gavin tried to figure out what Slade was doing while he was nursing the other day so he leaned over and kissed the side of my boob twice trying to copy Slade- then he patted it- like he does to Slade's head. Then he hopped down and went on his merry way to his Cars- it was cute and hilarious! Curious little guy! Love it!

* pic of Dustin swinging Gman around at the splash pad in LV and Gman splashing back!

**fun video of Gavin's personality and playfulness when we went to breakfast with Dustin, his mom and his girl and Gma Betty!

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