Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life and Balance...

 SO... Obviously life is very busy right now so, things suffer. Let's be real- having REAL balance in your life is an absurd goal when it comes to a summer schedule!  ( i shutter at the sound of that word)! That's why i'd rather  have a routine. See that sounds like I'm not so rigid, right?

My routine includes waking up each morning- often before the sun is fully up- to nurse Slade, watering the garden, weeding, breakfast for four, chores, swim practice , cleaning, lunch, a small amount of rest or down time then onto the next meal and more cleaning. It never ends. Once the boys go down at 6:30, im off to the gym or for a walk or whatevs. Sometimes, there are wrenches thrown in this plan/routine, like bumps and bruises, dental appts, dr. appts, jury duty, poop clean up ( man an his digestive issues), deep cleaning, errands and so on . Its exhausting being a mom of 4! Im worn out every day. Mind you, i have to often make 2-3 diff. foods per meal b/c of food allergies.  My sink if almost always full of dishes and without  my babysitter or house helper- it would totally suffer even worse.SO, YEAH, IF MY HOME ISN'T PERFECT- ITS B/C I ACTUALLY LIVE A FULL LIFE! And here's my sign....

Also, Ive lost 56 lbs since i had Slade and i have plenty more to loose still. but, Im doing a great job ( yes Im patting myself on the back)!!!

I think anyone who sets a goal  and makes progress should be congratulated- Give yourself props- by all means- you deserve it. One of the gals in my IRON WARRIOR class said that Im a little Over confident but she later recanted and said she wishes that she had more confidence in herself. I've never thought of myself as a confident but, i sure as heck KNOW that I'm worth something!SO, that's why i work HARD and SMART when it comes to workouts, my kids, life and such. Lifes just too short to hold back!

In closing, My life isn't perfect or hardly ever in BALANCE b/c there are things that take precedence over other things each and every day. Naturally, an out of balance life means you are LIVING it to the fullest and my life IS in HARMONY as much as it can be right now! My kids are healthy and happy and growing like weeds! My relationship with my husband is great and we go on dates almost every weekend! What more could i ask for? Life is just Wonderful, chaos and all and i wouldn't have it any other way!

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