Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back in the Saddle

WOW! I cant believe 6 months has flown by so quickly! Where did the time go? I am so happy to announce that i will be back blogging again with my main emphasis on family, my family, adoption and issues related to all aspects in between. You might occasionally here a few reviews on books, products and such but mainly the above stuff. So, yeah, I can back track too much ( or you'd get bore to tears of a million flash back fridays ( i will post a few) but the next bit should get you up to speed...

Where are we now? Staying put in the Denver Area suburbs, raising 4 kids, swimming& lessons, workouts, walks, naps, gardening, hanging out with friends, learning to balance life, going on dates with my hubby ( we just celebrated 11 yr on the 5th of July!) and building a business. My husband is loving the real estate company and the ownership position. Its tons of work but well worth it! The kids are growing like weeds! we tube down rivers, do gym and dance and B fly fishes and we had a great vacation in SD and Disneyland! Yep we finally went and even bought  year passes ( we WILL be back!)  Here's a few pics from our trip( tons missing from other phones/cameras)
The girls before we took off and Gavin on HIS B-DAY! 

  IN TOON TOWN and D-Land!
  SLADE Happy at Lunch for G-man! We celebrated his bday at a nice restaurant in Downtown Disney and he got a special Sorbet ( since he is allergic to WHEAT, SOY and DAIRY)
 Grandpa Danny was so great and patient the WHOLE trip. we loved Having him and our time together!
 The girls couldn't stop climbing on this statue. 

 Brielle and Her Special Snow white outfit! ( with her dwarves in the back)
 The girl who  pouts while she has everything- ARIA !

This is just a few of the pictures, obviously! And To say the Least- It really was so magical! I will talk about visiting the birth parents we were able to see while on our trip in another post! Just know- i will be posting again! YAY! hope you are all enjoying your summer vacations too!

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