Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, July 15, 2013

Project Cuddle- an affordable option for adoption

 I found this awesome site via FB! I wanted to see what projectcuddle.org was all about!

And  I found out! This organization was set up to SAVE babies from abandonment. According to the site research, over 20,000 babies in the US are abandoned every year. Lots of them are not even saved , meaning they end up in places like trash cans, boxes, ally dumpsters and so on. Some are placed by the parents in hospitals, fire stations and other places via the Safe Haven Law.

Learn how to be a Rescue( adoptive) Family and SAVE a child while gaining a precious member of your family! The Big difference with this Org , is that they DO NOT CHARGE A THING!!! What? Is this TrUe? 

Well, according to the site- you do your own home study thru a reputable agency ( I know you can get one in CO for about 1,850.), and plan on having money set aside for travel, baby needs and such(please see site for ALL info).

I think this is a great org and I'm excited to get involved when I have  more time in my life ( like  6 months- a year from now- but who knows could be sooner). Check under the volunteer link and see what you can do to help save Babies in your area. Back when i lived in Las Vegas, there were a reported 20-25 babies left at hospitals or thru the safe haven law each month. That doesn't count the ones that were discarded.

It breaks my heart but, this really happens and I personally know over 30 couples who would love to have a child to fill their  empty arms and full hearts.
If you are reading this and need assistance in any way please don't hesitate to call them or any other great contact you might have. I could give you many numbers but i'd prefer you go directly to the source. Thanks!

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elizabeth mueller said...

I love Project Cuddle, Debbe Magusen is a wonderful lady. It is unfortunate that many babies are abandoned--many of these women aren't aware of the Safe Haven Laws and I'd rather see the baby in one of these facilities being watched over than in a garbage bin. :(