Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Power of a Playing Parent: Book Review

WELL, this book, though shorter than I expected, took me a bit longer to read because I would STOP reading to go PLAY with my kids!

Cara, the author, lays out all the things that STOP us from playing and gives you insight to the POWERS of play. She shares personal stories, like her adoption of Bernard and Silvanie, from Haiti! I connected with her and I have always felt like a very playful mother with my kiddos ( just look at that huge pile of laundry).

 In fact, I constantly get off task b/c i'd rather play a game, make a craft, bake together or play along with my kids. BUT, I did notice a few things I was not doing!

Many times, I am not letting my kids choose or direct the play time. I also get distracted by the stupid small electronic boxes we all carry around. I am aware now and am grateful and am LOVING engaging with my kiddos, slowing down and connecting with them too.

There are so many good things to learn from her book! I highly recommend it to all parents!


Thank you Cara for sharing your heart and love with us and inviting us all into your life in this book!
God Bless you, George and your 4 kids!!!


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