Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, May 1, 2015

this weekend- 4 years ago...

We headed out to UTAH on a SECRET TRIP to meet JESSICA- and to SEE if we would bond the way we did over the phone/ email etc...  Let me back up a bit...

Our first contact from her was via email on April 7th!  We were setting up for an adoption conference  that day and we had just finished our CPR class and told our caseworker that we were switching to Foster care b/c we were ready and wanted to see what it was like. He went on about how a cute couple in Grand Junction just got an email from an expectant mom. That night- I got home and we had this email in our inbox too!!!

"Hello, my name is Jessica. I am not entirely sure how to go about this but, i am seriously considering adoption, my due date is May 24th and there are a few families that i have been considering. I don't really have any questions for you at the moment but if you have any please feel free to email back. Thank you.

Please respond by: EMAIL"

WE FREAKED OUT! I told our case worker the next day at the conference that we got an email and He told me- he though it was  a mistake or a duplicate accidently sent to my email... I was SAD but, I still inquired and asked her about what drew her to our family ( just to be sure it wasn't a duplicate email). Here's a part of her response...

Things are going well thank you, I am not sure what it was that i liked about your profile but, i kept remembering your red flowers in you and your daughters hair :) haha. my pregnancy has not been that bad actually other then being sore all the time and not being able to sleep on my stomach ha. I live in Utah i am staying with my parents till the baby is born, i am 22 and i am a massage therapist so at least i can get massages every once in a while :) my family and friends are very supportive and have been a great help to me. I actually didn't tell them i was pregnant till a couple of weeks ago i was sure my dad was going to shoot my brains out but he was very calm and has done everything he can to help and be there for me. Like i said earlier my due date is may 24th so i am about 33 weeks along i am having a boy. i have 6 other brothers and sisters i am the second oldest i love to sing and swim and be with my family and hang out with friends. we have 3 dogs, 5 cats and 4 bunnies so its a full house haha. its very cool of you to be so open and understanding, if you have any more questions for me just let me know thank you for emailing me back, i hope you have a good rest of the day!"
I KNEW IT WASNT A MISTAKE! And so we connected and talked and built a friendship for the next few weeks- then we took our trip to meet her!

It was that NERVOUS FIRST MEETING with an expectant mom, who was considering us! We already knew she was fun and had a sense of humor and was gorgeous- we just didn't know if WE WERE IT for sure!

After the 9.5 ours in the car, we didn't even stop to freshen up and the  adoption office had already closed that we were going to meet at so, we decided to meet at the MALL ( like, we are totally teens at heart:).   We got there before Jess did and our phones were dying and we went to the store to plug them in ( I forgot my charger;) and we paced the floor waiting for her arrival. We were nervous, excited, worried she might not show and Eager most of all, to meet this awesome person.

Finally- She and her entourage arrived and we hugged and said hellos and met her grandma and step mom and went over to grab a bite to eat and get the kids on the carousel while we talked! We asked all kinds of questions and made some small talk and began a fun dialogue that led us to going over to her parents place! We met the rest of the family and it felt so natural- like we had known them for a long time.
The home was filled with kids of all ages and we found out that Her step mom had adopted her son- 8 years earlier and another marriage ago! We also found out that we had a common name we both liked.. It was a weird series of events that led us to that middle name that is SURELY suited to this mini man!

Back up about 8 hours - during our car trip... Brandon and I discussed names we liked- lots of good ones to choose from... Slade, Troy, Gavin, Gage and Dane were at the top of our list. We tried on many middle names and the one that seemed so FUN and COOL and TOUGH was the name DANGER!!! Yep, And it sounded best with GAVIN... Gavin Danger! Meanwhile- Jess had been calling her baby PUMA, while in the womb!...

Back to us- heading to her parents house and chatting... we see this cool cat running around the house and she called him DANGER! We were like " oh crap, she is never gonna go for that name now" in our heads! Then we asked her why she called the baby PUMA...

She recounted her dad and step mom wanting to adopt a child from Haiti when all the stuff was going on over there. They thought it would be cool to name a boy ( if they adopted) the name...

"That's Nuts- b/c we like the name GAVIN- b/c your Irish/Scottish and DANGER b/c it's AWESOME!!! WHO woulda THUNK we would all think DANGER was a cool middle name?
BUT, she still hadn't told us that she was choosing us for sure that night. We all decided that would be his name though and it was Unanimous!

We departed for the night and met up in the morning to run around together! I wanted to go to the
Kencraft Candy outlet  and Ikea! So, we picked up Jessica and as we were driving- with all I could muster.. I ASKED HER... " So, you may be still figuring out this but, when you do know who you are going to choose... Can you let us know as soon as you know?" And she kind of giggled ( as she often does) Oh , No... It's you guys- FOR SURE! And that was that! We were to be his parents but, we knew she would have to actually face that decision after He was in her Arms!

We had a fantastic rest of our visit and running around ( I wore heels and tripped down the stairs at Ikea and Brandon and Jess just CRACKED up- Thanks guys!) And I made some lasagna for the whole family and we got to know each other so well for such a quick visit. I shot a few sweet pics of her with us and some maternity shots and we hugged and shared the precious little time we had- then went back home to CO- to prepare and wait for this GD- kids' Arrival ( tee hee- Gavin Danger or Gosh Darn:) !!!

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