Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Open Adoption, Open Heart & Open Arms : Book Reviews

You would think after being involved with Adoption for so many years, that I would be jaded by how AMAZING other people's stories are- BUT, I'm not Jaded! I LOVE hearing, reading listening to how God works out all the details and all the timing to help expectant parents find the adoptive families and how both parties are an answer to each other's prayers!

I happen to GROW up with this guy as a Pseudo- older brother! Russ was best friends with Todd, my oldest brother. I watched them play sports together, dub over Muppet movies and star wars, have fun on the lake, going to youth dances, going TP-ing, sliding down sand mountain and jumping off the 27ft drop into the river! Life was GOOD when you were hanging with the Elkins family!

A few years back we all connected on FB and found out that He was an adoptive dad and He realized I was an adoptive mom, married to an adoptee! That was pretty cool to see this connection in our lives. Among us, we have about 10 other couples we know of collectively ( probably more) that have also been blessed through the miracle of adoption who are from our small town.

I recently was able to read BOTH his books and loved them. Both stories are so different and yet you see a lot of common threads in your own life of being an adoptive parent. He has great books that are frank, funny, unique, honest and vulnerable as He discusses his experience as the MAN in this situation ( b/c I know you all sick of us WOMEN Gabbing about it:)!

Check the reviews out here and Get your Reading on!

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