Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finding Zoe: Book Review

Brandi takes you on an interesting journey as a child who is born hearing but loses her abilities b/c of a sickness she gets in her youth. You go through the emotions of herself, her parents and friends and family who learn how to navigate this very NEW challenge. She Braves it like a champ and in her young adulthood challenges what Others think of The Deaf Community, laws, closed captioning and so much more. She conquers her fears and motivates others along the way to becoming Ms. Deaf America!

 She later gets married and has three HEARING sons with her husband, who is also deaf, and together they had always talked about the day they would have a little bouncy, blonde girl who signs and is as Strong as her momma! But, God leads them down a different Path and that has many bumps in the road and they eventually put there papers in for China to adopt a little girl... BUT, what happens next? Well, You will have to read about it yourself.

In the Meantime, while Brandi and Tim are raising their boys and getting ready for adoption, There is a teenage girl somewhere, just learning that she is pregnant! There is another couple involved in this story and they too are hoping to adopt. Where will this journey take them? You will just have to find out!



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