Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Thursday, May 21, 2015

why i do what i do...

I'm not a perfect person and I often put my foot in my mouth! I have been asked several times why I am doing a BIRTH PARENT RETREAT when I'm not a birth parent... So, hopefully, you can understand WHY after you read this post!

When I was teenager,  I woke up one morning in a world of PAIN! I thought my insides were dying and I went to the ER. My mom held my hand and they did an ultrasound and found out I had a
ruptured ovarian cyst that was causing the pain. Often times, women have these but they don't really
feel them as dramatically or they are smaller when they rupture. Other times, women just think its the pain associated with aunt flo! But as the tech did my ultrasound he also saw LOTS of scar tissue/endomitrial tissue on the lining of my uterus. The Dr. was frank with me and said- I will probably never have children or it will be very difficult if I do have them. Either way the outcome seemed so grim at the time.

 My mom had this CD she used to play ( may have been a tape and YES, I am THAT old!) and it had this very pretty song that I remembered loving. It's Called "From God's Arms, To My Arm's , to Yours."

Please watch it NOW- if you have never heard it before( if so, skip on down:)


I would listen to this over and over again but after this diagnosis- it spoke volumes to me. It helped me realize that I can adopt to become a mother and that a women would be saying these things to ME one day. I huge feeling of reverence and love hit me to the core for birth mothers. And Peace filled my Soul and I knew this would be a HUGE part of my life. Adoption would be so special to me and my future husband!

I agonized telling guys I was dating that I may not be able to have kids. I got rejected after dropping that bomb some times but, I was honest. I had no idea how immense this was for some people but, I knew when it was the RIGHT guy- this wouldn't matter to him.

God put these beautifully broken parts of my heart together the day I told my husband . We were dating and after a few months I wanted him to meet my mom! Somehow, I had forgotten to tell him about this diagnosis. Here I was, on the way to a BIG first meeting and I forgot to tell him this BIG piece of info? So, I unloaded it on him in the car on a very long drive! It was something like " Oh, so by the way, I may not be able to have kids on my own so, I plan on adopting - just so you know!" he waited for a brief suspenseful second and Said " Well, that's cool b/c I AM ADOPTED!"

WHEEEW- what a relief! And BTW he told me he wanted to adopt like 8-12 kids that trip :)

We later Married and you can read all about my story and my kids birth parents on our pages and I will share a bit more about neat experiences I have had over my lifetime involved with adoption and birth parents in the upcoming posts!

I have had a great love for this GROUP of people since I was a kid- Birth Parents gave ME HOPE, have shown me STRENGTH beyond words, Have enriched and BLESSED my family. Birth parents- gave me my AMAZING Husband and 2 of our precious children. They are part of my family , my cousins, my step mom. Birth parents have given life to 7 great grandkids in my family! I am so THANKFUL and words are not enough- SO,  I set out to do something more- CELEBRATE and GIVE BACK to a group of people who deserve the WORLD.  In you, I see what is best in humanity- the ability to love deeper than most people will ever be able to comprehend.

God knows YOU- birth moms and birth dads-  and that Your Love is stronger than most! 

I hope all that CAN attend- will attend! God Bless! And there are not enough words to thank the many people who have made this DREAM a reality- We are at 38 in attendance! My goal was 12-20 but, God made it Grow and so did all of you amazing people! Contact me if you have any ?'s or want to HELP in anyway- give back to this amazing community! We do have some simple needs and 2 birth parents who currently need to be sponsored!


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