Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Okay- updates...

Aria is just getting over bronchitis and I'm not too happy about that. It all started when she caught a cold from some kids i sat a few days back. All 3 were hacking up. Then A gets a cold and B but, only Aria's turned into nasty bronchitis. Such is life- she is on the mend now! And is mostly happy lil' girl!

We've pulled out the Halloween Decorations and i must admit... I'm a total Scaredy Cat! I can't do the cob webs, skulls and ghosts. I prefer fall leaves, pumpkins and other gourds, stalks of wheat, hay and just a few jack-o-lanterns. I know it's because of childhood bad dreams and i just don't like putting a BAD-ish or scary things around me or giving off a Yucky image of fright! So not me! I never dressed up as a dead something or other. I think i was only a witch once and that was the scariest thing i ever was. I was a gypsy, a grandma, Jazmin, cheerleader, princess, etc... Nothing really spooky ever! Sorry to disappoint anyone but that's how i roll!

It doesn't mean we don't celebrate All Hallows Eve. B/c we do! we are rockin' out a party with our friends here, I'm making my girls costumes and just might actually dress up this year- who knows!

Brielle is wanting to do art ALL THE TIME! She loves drawing and painting so, i think for her b-day i will sign her up for a special Art course at the Rec Center or a Special Art school for kids in the summer! She is writing a lot too. She LOVES taking pen to paper.

I signed both up for gymnastics again and they will be going shortly! I'm sure they will love it!
I need more leotards now- hopefully I'll find some cute ones and gym shorts!

I have to edit some senior pics here over the next few days and I've been getting ready for the Regional FSA call and our upcoming Sat. activity with CO FSA, at a local historical Farm! It will have a mini hay bale maze, pumpkin patch, animals etc... The girls will love it!
Followed by a shower I'm Helping put on for my friend Jessica- the one who is placing with Ciara and Jeff! It should be so wonderful. The shower is at Ciara's home and All those who are supporting Jessica are coming. Such an amazing addition to the story of this wonderful family! What an eternal Bond both parties will have!

Brandon is working a lot (has 2 house under contract in his first month and multiple loans closing:) and fishing or practicing casting. He's been a huge help around the house with chores and the girls and He is so excited for the FUN activities we get to do with our girls! It's nice to finally have SEASONS!He like to get his workout on and lift or throw around the ball and he's been helping with the missionaries in our area too! He's so awesome!

My Dad will be coming on the 23rd! And we will get to have a great times with him as well!

Well, That's what's NEW or what we are doing lately! I'm looking forward to the FSA fireside (oh, I'm singing in it- the part of the adoptive mother-be nervous for me) and i hope all who can attend- will!

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