Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

works in progress...

...are MANY right now, as we prepare for Halloween! Here's Brielle's Dorothy outfit ( minus tights and possible a COAT the way this week is going ( freakin' freezing people!!!)!

I'm halfway through Aria's Glinda Costume and we found a sweet Green blazer for Brandon so he could be THE Wizard of Oz. I , of course, will be the only other female character... The wicked witch of the West. I HAVE NEVER BEEN a witch before( so i can recall) so, this will be a new experience for me.

We have 4 parties coming up and tons of things to do before then too! My dad, Danny is in town and the girls are having so much fun with Grandpa! He read them stories tonight and i was finishing the outfit downstairs and could here them giggle and getting tickled and it made me think back to my childhood a bit! Man, i wish i would have enjoyed my youth even more than i had! It's so fleeting but so very powerful. What you do and hear in your youth effects you forever. I'm glad i get to spend time with my dad and wish all my family could retire or find jobs here. It's heaven ( kind of a cold one but, still wonderful!)

I Often wonder when Our future Birthmother will find us. I wonder if she looks at our blog right now and is having a hard time deciding to place or to choose ONE family! I wonder if she thinks we look too busy or we have two kids so, Her's wouldn't be as special to someone like us ( which is totally off base and untrue). I wonder all the time if she will just shoot us an email or call today. We pray for her daily and we know her time and our time is limited and so many other pressing matters are asking for her attentions. I hope she spends time really going over what it is that she is hoping for in a family and doesn't rush to pick whoever looks best and has no kids... So many wonderful families are eager to have children and adopt children. We are all equally awaiting a miracle through adoption!
Well, I better get some sleep. People are depending on me to function tomorrow.

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