Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Monday, October 18, 2010

What a week...

Last week was so AMAZING and long. With 2 placements within 5 days and all the other day to day stuff i do with my girls and husband- it got a bit crazy BUT... I LOVED IT and i wouldn't trade it for the world! I Put up some Placement pics and hospital pics of Jessica on my photo site- so check those out. The 2nd placement will be on there shortly!!!
PS. Birth Parents ROCK!!!

Brielle's Birth mom turned 22 last week. Brielle made her some art and sent her a bag of candy corns b/c she said she wanted Kara to have treats on her Birthday! I sent her a SPA Day package for her to get pampered at a local spa( where she lives)! WE LOVE her and her whole family and miss them a ton but, GOOD NEWS... Looks like we will get to see them around Thanksgiving!!!

We also hosted a B-day Party for our little friend , Cora, who turned 7! She has been so fun to get to know and a bunch of us moms and teachers are rallying around her to let her know of our love for Her! Her bio- mom is an addict and hasn't been around her much since day 1 so- we are filling in!!! Cora deserves the world and we are happy to help give it to her!

Brielle has perfected CUTTING shapes this last week and even made me some shapes and played Teacher with me. When she would show me a shape and I'd say the right answer- she would put a check mark on it and say " Good Job- you got it right!"
She has also been singing all kinds of songs about composers of classical music. To the tune of the Blue Danube she would sing these words : " The Blue danube waltz- by johann Strauss"... ( repeated all the way through the tune) or this one to the Can Can Song : Jacques Offenbach was a nice man, he wrote the Can Can, wasn't he a nice man ... She obviously Loves Learning at the Montessori school she's at!!!

Aria has
been really cuddly lately and I am eating it up
. She and Brielle have been best buddies and have barely had any spats ( knock on wood). Aria is liking Preschool too but is more on the average learning curve. She is super vocal and can talk your ear off with big sentences but, she is still a young 3 yr old! She's fully potty trained and rarely sleeps with a pull up on at night which makes us all happy! She has a thing with SOCKS lately. Seriously, i have no idea why. She has many many dolls and toys but she likes stuffing socks inside other socks and toting them around- It's silly but cute! Both girls say silly things so very often as well. Here's a bit of the comedy in our house:

I was watching a movie about ancient Persia and Brielle says " Mom, are those the REAL stripling Warriors?"

Brielle also decided to take black marker to one of the barbies this past week and make her anatomically correct and mature. ( if you get my drift) Dude.. I was cracking up and have since decided that Bathing together is OVER for good. I think 3 is the cut-off age now. Oh, she also drew skull bones on her Barbie's face and blacked out the eyes. W-T-Crap? She has been drawing lots of Halloween related things lately and today she drew a mushroom with a flower on top ( kind of looked like the kind the Smurfs would be hanging around!)

Aria has all kinds of crazy obsessions with getting TONS of wet TP ( sink water) and leaving it on the floor or counters- Dumping a whole container of Shampoo out in her bath water, smashing up bananas, ripping up papers and transporting her doll house dolls all over the house. Not to mention her sock-ball things! She Has been super great this week but HATED losing at Musical Chairs at Cora's B-day Party. She would get out and stomp off all mad and say : " You guys aren't nice- I'm not playing with you" all while pouting or crying in a mean tone. It's kind of hysterical! She's got a BIG personality in such a little package.

Well, I better get some rest! More pics to come! Thanks for reading about our families adventures and our desire to adopt again! Our miracle will be one that is met with So much JOY and Love- When It's God's will and time!

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hays said...

gm has also been getting wet tp everywhere - it is driving me nuts!