Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, October 8, 2010


...my friends and i made hair clips for our girls ( mine have a ton already but, it is fun teaching others) and for upcoming holidays! I also got the chance to speak at the LDSFS Adoption Core training today. There are some awesome couples going through the process and I hope they all go where they are led in their search for a child to adopt!

My advice to them was:
Be HONEST with birth parent commitments
Be Yourself - flaws and All- BP want to see who you are- not some plastic Ken and Barbie
Have fun while you wait
Advocate for the Cause- everywhere- not just their adoption but Adoption in general!
Get involved with FSA- you will be so glad you did! It's for everyone and we NEED your energy!
Don't get discouraged and do not fear- both of those are tools from the adversary!
Know that God knows what you need when you need it- trust in him and DO all you can do to facilitate: faith without works is dead!

Tomorrow we will go to the FSA activity at a historic farm with pumpkins and wagon rides etc... The kids should LOVE it. Followed by Ciara (adoptive mom) and Jessica's (birth mom) baby shower for sweet baby Madison! She will be so loved and supported! What an exciting thing! I LOVE Saturdays and Sundays!!! I'll bring my camera so more pics are on the way!

I'm ready to rest now.but wait... I have to catch up on all the birth mother blogs:) LOVE THEM!

Oh and this is my latest photography client- Lee- She's gorgeous! I Love Senior Photos- brings back so many memories!

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Paul & Rachel said...

hey hey! i finally got a hold of your blog :) i love this senior pic - super pretty! i want to see more :)