Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear Expectant mother...

I wanted to SHARE Brina's letter to others who may be considering Adoption as a choice... It is astounding! She is so brave and so open and honest- everything we all need to hear!


Now... Here's a tid bit from it...

"Sweet mama, you are so loved. Many of the women who came before you are thinking about you. We are praying for your peace. We know what this is like and how hard it is. No one but a birth mother knows this path. This path is hard and it's full of heartbreak, but it's also full of joy and beauty. You learn to love like you've never loved before. You learn what true selflessness is. You put this tiny person ahead of yourself so that they can thrive. You do whatever it takes to make sure that their life is the best it can be. For that, you are an AMAZING MOTHER. Don't let anyone tell you different."

Don't forget to read the FULL letter and frequent her blog!

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Brina C said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 thank you for sharing! :)