Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Friday, April 3, 2015

Holy Blog Hiatus...

We are......
SO BLESSED living up here in the Mtns of CO!
The kids are growing like weeds ( Especially Brielle, our oldest!) and Its currently April and we have 2 inches of snow on the ground! But, it will melt and give moisture to some of the most gorgeous wildflowers!!!


YEP, He has found the gal for him- SARAH! She is amazing and I am so Happy for the two of them. She is a Special needs teacher who works with children from hard circumstances which makes her job even tougher but- She loves her kids and what she does. She has a heart of GOLD and Dustin is a lucky man! Between the two they own 2 homes and are very smart with the choices they are making in life! I know they will find happiness and success together.
GAVIN will get to be the cutest ring bearer Ever and the girls will make some fine Flower girls too!

SO, for us currently there is a bit going on...

We are remodeling the home we bought and it seems like there are people here at least every few weeks doing some upgrade or repair. We have some electrical still to do like adding lights to the family room and a few more lights in the gym room as well.

The kids are finishing the last 2 months of school and LOVING IT! ( more later on them) Slade, our youngest is now 2 and into everything!!! Gavin is almost four and LOVES preschool, being outdoors and playing in the pond behind our property. Aria is doing Karate and choir and loves hanging out with two of her BFF's ( one is Hope who is adopted:) , Brielle loves choir and ballet and always wants to do activities with friends or create art in any way she can!

We Recently got to visit with my family as we watched my sisters twin get baptized in AZ. My dad, uncle, mom, step dad and other family members got to be there as well.

 My dad and his wife Mary had fun making this cutting board for us! Notice there are a few open branches b/c they know OUR FAMILY ISN'T COMPLETE YET! Dan( my dad) and Mary live in San Diego and we get to see them every year and plan to see them often this year! We love visiting the beaches and the theme parks as well! 

WE ARE CURRENTLY OPENING ALL THE WINDOWS AND DOORS and Letting GOD take the Lead on how we are to grow our family through adoption again. We have been down many roads and after 5 miscarriages, 2 births and 2 adoptions and 2 almost adoptions- we are very blessed indeed. Brandon and I both know in our hearts that we have a couple children in our family that are MISSING still. We HAVE NO idea how God intends to line this all up and we are excited to see how His plan for our family will go. I will go into more detail on the next few posts! 

***One interesting FUN FACT about our family is that I HAVE NO NIECES- only 11 nephews! CRAZY LEGO HOUNDING BOYS! Gotta love them:)

My kids love catching frogs and salamanders in the pond behind our 2.5 acres.
Aria is holding BIG SAL ( which is what we call any BOY one sally for the girls:)
Gavin loves to hunt but wont touch them until we are holding them still.
UNTIL NEXT TIME.... Have a wonderful EASTER and enjoy one of my FAVORITE SONGS...
I sang this last week for our Church's Easter Celebration! The words ring true for us all!

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