Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Our Family ~ Nov 2017

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

why most dudes don't blog...

SO I know its UBER important when someone is trying to adopt ( not saying we are really trying b/c it's not up to us- its up to God) That the Father be a HUGE part of the IMAGE of What the couple of the Year , is supposed to look like. He needs to WANT to be involved and WANT to be ACTIVE in this process but, the fact is- MEN FUNCTION DIFFERENTLY than WOMEN!

We WOMEN worry and loose sleep over things, nit pick details or what might be misconstrued. We carry on with an overload of pictures where we BOTH look wonderful in every setting! We especially don't want a potential expectant parent to look at our blog or profile and think " did they even put any thought into this?" 

Now GUYS... They help get the finger prints and financial paperwork done, hang back until it's GO time. And in between, they may day dream or look at another person's child and wonder but, heck if they will tell you that! Once it's GO time and its time to meet an expectant mom or expectant parents- It's like you sprinkled Pixie Dust on that Man and now- He steals the SHOW! It's fantastic to watch men in action!

None of this means than either set of parents love any less deeply- we all just function uniquely and that's just the way it is!

PS. I think men are almost more afraid of a broken heart or getting attached to quickly! B/c Brandon is such a SWEET dad. Yes He can be stern but, he also is the one who gets the most Tickle wars in and when He comes home- He Is The King of Hearts... " Daddy, let's play kickball, tickle war, help me with math, Hold me etc." I'm happy to take a back seat when He is with them. He is the BEST ever and I see it in his eyes when he gets choked up b/c Everyone is just growing up waaay to fast!

SO, don't blog, Honey!- its not your thing- Just keep playing with our babies and loving on them - forever! Or... Take them all fishing!!!

*** no, we don't DRESS up to go fishing:)
YES, we are an affectionate bunch! Even sticky toddler kisses are okay!

PSS- I get tons of cuddle time when daddy is at work:)

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